Company profile

KZ-Průmyslové čištění company was founded in 2003 by establishment of the centre for thermic cleaning in Bzenec in Hodonín region. For this kind of thermic cleaning we use the thermic machinery TD 70, which profile is 2000x3300x1980 mm.

TD 70 machinery is able to clean metal subjects from organic substances through the thermic degradation in the primary chamber and ensuing full burning of gases in the second burning chamber, which were made during the process.

Basic technological principle is in heating metal subject which are covered with organic substances (coating composition, sizing materials, epoxy bitument coat etc) up to 270°C – 450°C. By this temperature the organic substances degrade. Exhaust waste gases from this proces are lead into the second grade burning chamber where they are fully burnt by the temperature of 850°C - 950°C.

Our work and security mode of the machinery is controlled by the computer which continuously scans, records and evaluates all important parameters of the process. There is a graphic recording after every process. After completing the thermic cleaning process metal subjects are cleaned with water under pressure by the machinery Kranzle Quatro 1000 TST which effective pressure is 230 bars.

In 2006 the company built its second centre for thermic cleaning in Prostějov. As in Bzenec the machinery TD 70 with profile 200x3300x1980 mm is used for cleaning.

Our company exploits the property conection with the KZ Bratislava company, producer of the machinery TD 70, for implementing up-to-date pieces of knowledge about the progressive methods into the process of thermic cleaning for purpose of optimalization and offers wide experience with this technology.

KZ - Průmyslové čištění s.r.o., Dělnická 141, 696 81 Bzenec, Česká republika

tel.: +420 518 384 045, mob. +420 602 742 003, fax: +420 518 384 045, e-mail: